We are a , and organization
working with women and youth for;

  • Peace and Reconciliation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Governance
  • Advocating against gender based violence
  • Child protection
  • Education
  • Safe water
  • Adequate sanitation and improved hygiene.

. . .Target Groups-

Women, Youth , Children, Church leaders, Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs), School girls, Local government, Police

. . .Vision-

To see a society where women and youth enjoy equal rights opportunities and participation in public domain

. . .Mission-

WAV exists to build a peaceful society, gender balanced, democratic, literate, healthy and economic sustainable society.

. . .Goal-

The goal of WAV is to strengthen and empower the South Sudanese women and youth by equipping them with basic tools to nurture them for challenges they are facing. Our passion is to enable the South Sudanese Women and youth to be aware of their rights and become more informed and critical in the nation building.

. . .Objectives-
  1. To mitigate domestic violence and enhance peaceful coexistence among communities, individuals and families.
  2. To provide Psychosocial support through Counseling to war and conflict affected person/family victims.
  3. To protect women, youth and children from abuses and build up a strong society which is gender sensitive.
  4. To promote democratic principles and access to justice.
  5. To provide capacity building through literacy Programs to reduce illiteracy and value girl child education as means to discourage early marriages to reduce gender disparity.
  6. To equip women with entrepreneurships skills and set up loans scheme for business ventures.
  7. To promote hygiene and sanitation awareness campaigns.
. . .Objectives+ . . .Background+ . . .Philosophy+
Women Aid Vision

Women Aid Vision (WAV) is non-partisan, non-profit and non-political organization working with women and youth for peace and reconciliation, entrepreneurship, governance ,advocating against gender based violence, child protection, education, safe water, adequate sanitation and improved hygiene.

Our Field offices are at the center of Lakes state (Rumbek) with our community mobilizers' presence in the Rumbek East, Yirol East, Yirol West, Wulu and Cueibet Counties. We also have active Field Office in Mvolo County of Western Equatoria State that coordinates our activities in Western Equatoria Counties.

Our presence also exists in Central Equatoria with operational presence in Juba and Terekeka Counties.

Kololo Block 3, Behind Dr. John Garang, International School,Opp. National Mine Action Authority in Juba, South Sudan

Phone (South Sudan) : +211 955 516 390,
+211 954 006 399

E-mail : info@womenaidvision.org

For any complaints or corruption cases, mismanagement of resources or anything related to the mentioned by WAV or it's administration and employees, report by mailing to: